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Padarayanapura was a small layout in Bengaluru.
In this layout, there was a natural stone, which was very close to Bengaluru-Mysore railway track. During that time, this place was fully covered with thorn plants, creepers and trees.

This small natural stone had a very negligible formation which resembles like a snake. We came to know about this, when Sri Nagaraja Swamy had "Aavesham" on human being (Sri Veerabharappa). When this came to notice of public, people came and offered their poojas.When their prayers was fulfilled by doing sevas, temple became more and more popular.

The land lord of this place formed a trust by name "Sri Swayambhu Nagaraja Bala Subramanya Swamy Trust" for proper management and development in 1977. By the grace and blessings of the Lord, the Trust people developed this temple to the at most level.

Now it has become a "Maha Kshetra"; very attractive Sacred Dhama.


Sri Swayambhu Nagaraja Temple is constructed around 50 years back. The lord is found here and is self-formed. The temple is especially recognized in various perspectives and some of it is:

    • The lords here are self-formed.
    • The ‘Holy Kalyani’ is famous that curing diseases and problems.
    • The temple serves ‘prasadam’ for two days a week.
    • Social Services like Clothes Donation, Blood Donation, Polio is conducted once a year.


The 70 feet height “Maha Raja Gopuram” in front of the temple and ” Vimaana Gopuram “on two “Garbhagudies”.

Two big halls on the 1st floor were constructed so that they can be used for yearly functions. An office is also built to provide facilities to the temple.
The trustees and recognized well-wishers are all eminent and service-minded for the development of this temple.

Sri Swayambhu Nagaraja Balasubramanya Swamy

The lord is in a form of nine hoods with a tail.
One can feel the stone as a skin of a snake and the miracle part is it is growing every day.

Sri Swayambhu Rajarajeswari Devi & Veerabhadra Swamy

The 'Shakti' & 'Shiva'
Yes, both the lords are together like having a conversation about the devotees and prayers

- The 'Sri Chakra' is established in front of the lords.
- The 'Utsava Murthees' are in back of the lords that will be carries once in a year.

and yes, both are self formed and shaping everyday.

Sri Swayambhu Paathala Maha Ganapathi

The Ganapathi situated here is a special attraction.
He has a nine head snake on top and on the left side of its Sri Dhatatreya Swamy is self-forming its identity too.

Sri Swayambhu Karthavaraya Swamy and Nandeeshwara Swamy

( Kshethra Paalakaru)

Sri Swayambhu Srivalli Devi

Goddess Srivalli Devi stands beside the lord Sri Swayambhu Nagaraja Swamy.
The goddess was found after many days of Swayambhu Nagaraja Swamy and slowly growing its origin.
The devi is in the form of a snake.


The lords of stars and planets are here.
The speciality of Navagraha here is the lords are with
- their vehicles
- their stars
- their planets and
- their partner

Sri Dakshina Murthy

Dakshina Murthy Swamy is established after many years of the temple's existence.

Here the lord is connected with 9 paths of snake that connects the entire temple.

The head of Lord Dakshinamurthy is in peach stone. And this is the first kind in the entire world.

The tree is the combination of Brahma Vishnu and Maheshwara.The three trees symbolises these lords.
If the Hombale dries up in the temple it forms like a snake and the texture of it's looks like a snake skin.
The water well is no even 15+ feet but till now it is serving lots of devotees who comes with their problems.