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Sri Nagesh Sharma visited this temple many years back. On Margashira Shudha Shasti.He was a very Spiritual, Knowledgeable and very good Pravachanakara and also very much devoted towards god. When he visited this temple he told that he will write Suprabatha for the temple and went back. After a few months he was suffering from a high fever, One early morning about 4/5 clock he felt someone had woke him up, without knowing himself he started writing the slokas, The slokas were very good and he felt very happy after reading them. Later he went to the Secretary of this temple and told everything and convinced him and he printed the slokas with the temples name and symbols and distributed them to the devotees. Later they were made songs and sold in the form of CDs and Cassettes.


Many years back, on Karthik Deepothsava night about 8 p.m, a train was coming from Mysore. At that time Sri Nagappa Swami (God Avesham) started to crawl and went on railway track and slept on the track with head on the track. Hundreds of people who were present there started shouting to take him back other wise Secretary will be prisoned.But the Secretary told he is ready to go to jail ,this is the time to prove about god’s exists .All the people were watching it with fear. The train came with great speed and went off. But to the surprise of people that person Nagappa Swami was all well,nothing had happened to him. This is really a miracle. From this incident we can come to know about Nagaraja Swamy presence in this place. There are 100’s of such miracles going on till date.