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the beginning

Venkatachalapthy was born on 16th March 1926 at Madhugiri District, Gowribidanur Taluk, Hosur in a middle-class family. He has completed his education up to SSLC in Acharya Patashaala government school at Gowribidanur. He used to get scholarships provided by the donors at the school.

He was part of “Harijan-Vote” which was conducted by Mahatma Gandhi. He used to visit the Harijan’s areas to spread awareness on cleanliness. In the beginning days of his childhood, DSV was highly influenced by Gandhiji norms and principles and he started using the iconic “Charaka system” to stitch his own “Khadhi clothes”. He wore Khadi clothes till his last breath. He won the competition of “highest Charaka woven” held at Gowribidanur. Fortunately, Gandhi visited the village at the same time and spent precious winning time with him. He recalls often and is proud of it.

"Prove yourself, i serve you till my last breath"
said DSV.

During his 40’s he was bought to Padaryanapura by an unknown power and pushed him to serve and build a temple. DSV was a religious reformer and had past experience in developing a temple through religious activities too. But, a sudden invitation by supernatural powers made him quite inquisitive. Thus, he prayed in front of the growing natural stone as, “Hey god Nagappa, I see your powers, I believe you but the circumstances and situation are not influential for everyone and thus I cannot find strong reasons to serve you. I ask you to grow more and next year, the same day, I shall come with a bunch of believers and non-believers. If you can prove to be a supernatural power I shall serve you till my death”.

The Trust between devotees and god.

Believe it or not, the stone was growing its size and can see the formation of a snake in it. Nava Hede Nagaraja, Karthavaraaya, Sri Valli, Maha Ganapathi, RajaRajeshwari, Veerabadhra Swamy and Dattatreya Swamy all were found along while construction. Miracles started to happen both in the temple and in his life.

DSV started the temple trust named “Sri Swayabhu Nagaraja Balasubramanya Swamy Temple Trust (1977) at Padarayanapura, Bengaluru. Gradually he started to improve the surroundings by constructing the temple that had various self-formation gods. Dakshina Murthy (Shiva), Navagaraha Arc is a special attraction added to the temple for its appearance and features. The temple is highlighted with Mahadevara Rajagopuram, Prarthana Mandira, Annapoorneshwari Hall and Amaranatheshwara Nilaya.

DSV spent the major part of his life serving the temple and society. He died at 92 years as the honourable General Secretary and founder of the temple. 

DSV Service List

  • DharmaDarshi: He served at Lal Das Venkataramana Swamy Gudi, OTC Road, Bengaluru. Not just being the head – he conducted various activities like Bajans, Harikatha and pravachana.
  • Yoga class conductor: He and his friend Krishnaih Shetty conducted yoga classes at the Chamber of Commerce. Among those 30 students, S Bangarappa, the Ex-Chief Minister of Karnataka was also one of them.
  • Anna Prasadam: In the SSNBS temple, he started a few helpful activities and one of them is Anna Prasadam. Every week i.e., Tuesday and Sunday at least 500-1000 people are served. The PadarayanaPura is an underdeveloped area with the least per cent of literacy and regular income people. This Anna Prasadam became a huge thing for the people in the temple surrounding. He made a separate queue for children and adults. Children were seated for 10 minutes and asked to recite mantras and stotras to make them use difficult words and right pronunciation.
  • Clothes Distribution: He started another happy segment i.e, free distribution of clothes to poor and needy people. Starting from 25 people the program reached 2000+ people in recent times. After covid, the program is stopped due to rules and regulations. The clothes were collected from different sources and made sure to get the finest quality of cloth to everyone.
  • Medical Camps: Roti, Kapda aur Makkan is the principle for everyone. And DSV tried to fulfil that through the temple. One of the most practised activities was Medical Camps. The PadarayanaPura was filled with a lot of filth and clustered area. This camp helped many to find their health path with solutions.

He started. He followed. He made a path of divinity.

His other religious activities were

  • Brahma Rathotsava
  • Two buildings to serve the temple and society needs.

Awards and Recognition

  1. Samaja Seva Bhushan: 2011 by Shubharam Trust
  2. KarmaYogi: 2016
  3. Sri Shankara Anugraha Award: 2017: Sri Shankara Dharmika Sabha Trust
  4. Vasavi Siri: 2018: Bengaluru Arya Vysya Mandaligala Okkutta
  5. KEMPEGOWDA AWARD: 2018: Bengaluru Mahanagara Paalike
  6. Naga Manikya